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Simulation studies on performance of micro heat pipes used in laptops


In this work, a computational analysis is used to study the thermal performance of a heat pipe utilising conventional fluids. Three of the most common fluids namely, acetone, methanol and water are considered as the working fluid. The analysis was made under different operating conditions with the parameters such as effective length, condenser length, and ratio of outer to vapour core diameter. The influence of these operating parameters on the performance parameters namely mass of the heat pipe, heat transfer rate and number of heat pipes was obtained. A substantial change in performance parameters of the heat pipe is observed when using acetone as working fluid, due to its high evaporation rate and high vapour pressure.

Keywords: energy technology, computational analysis, micro heat pipes, MHP, laptops, heat transfer rate, effective length, evaporation rate, vapour pressure, simulation, thermal performance, acetone, methanol, water, condenser length, working fluids

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