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Single-plate thermoacoustic system: conjugate problem of inviscid flow

In this paper, the energy transport, adjacent to a single-plate thermoacoustic system, is calculated analytically by simplifying and solving the governing differential equations. The thickness of the plate is considered to be nonzero, and the entire problem is treated as a conjugate heat transfer problem. A low Mach number inviscid model is derived from a first order perturbation analysis to simplify and linearise the governing equations. The total (or global) energy transfer is calculated in the form of the total heat flux and work flux. After the entropy generation rate is calculated, it is presented to demonstrate the inherent irreversibility of the system.

Keywords: heat flux, irreversibility, standing wave, inviscid flow, thermoacoustics, work flux, energy transport, single plate thermoacoustic system, conjugate heat transfer, entropy generation, oscillating compressible gas

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