Single stream waste sorting plant for MRF, England - case study


Courtesy of REDWAVE a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder

Grundon Waste Management Ltd. is the largest privately owned waste management company in the UK. The company was founded in 1929 and has moved into landfill operation, waste collection, and most recently into harnessing energy from waste. The company offers a wide range of waste collection services spanning mixed recyclables, general (non-recyclable) waste, clinical and hazardous waste.

Following fire damage two years ago, the company undertook the process of rebuilding the facility to the very latest standards. The requirements of Grundon were: a new sorting facility, an increased level of automation, application of the latest technology, a flexible operational design which would suit the existing building, and the incorporation of the existing baler and feed conveyor with a process capability of up to 25 t/hr.

The new plant has the capacity to sort over 150,000 tonnes of material per year and has been built as a complete turnkey solution by BT Wolfgang Binder GmbH.

The new plant includes seven RED-WAVE sorting machines for recycling a wide range of material into 12 categories. The requirements of Grundon were completely met.


Grundon Waste Management Ltd, invested about 7 Million British Pounds in Slough, Now they are operating one of the most modern waste sorting plants in Europe.

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