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Sino-Danish brain circulation: scholarship, capacity and policy


China is faced with urgent needs to develop an economically and environmentally sustainable economy based on innovation and knowledge. Brain circulation and research and business investments from the outside are central for this development. Sino-American brain circulation and research and investment by overseas researchers and entrepreneurs are well described. In that case, the US is the centre of global R&D and S&T. However, the brain circulation and research and investments between a small open Scandinavian economy, such as Denmark, and the huge developing economy of China are not well understood. In this case, Denmark is very highly developed, but a satellite in the global R&D and S&T system. With time and the growth of China as a R&D and S&T power house, both Denmark and China will benefit from brain circulation between them. Such brain circulation is likely to play a key role in flows of knowledge, technology and investments between Denmark and China. This paper describes these activities and analyses their contributions to innovation, learning and sustainable growth in
Denmark and China.

Keywords: Denmark, China, brain circulation, scholarship, capacity, policy, business, globalisation, sea turtles, argonauts

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