Sizing and Selection for Diaphragm Actuated Control Valves

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In order to size a valve correctly one must be sure they understand what the valve is required to do, what the system parameters are, and then use this information to pick the valve that will do a proper job while keeping the economic desires in mind.  

While graphs, charts and even software calculators are necessary, the person responsible for sizing needs to have a clear understanding of the issues before choosing the right valve.

This article helps explore the many considerations to help you determine the right size valve for the job.

Sizing and Selection for Diaphragm Actuated Control Valves 

There are many options and several conditions that need to be considered when purchasing the right valve for a job.  The more information from the field, the better the choice will be.  The ultimate goal is to have the best valve for the job required at the most economical price.  While it is not rocket science to do this, there is some fundamental information that needs to be taken into account to ensure the proper valve is chosen.

Here are some key questions:

  • What is the purpose of the valve and what do we want the valve to accomplish?
  • What are the required flow rates? Both minimum and maximum need to be considered.
  • What type and size pipe will the valve be located on?
  • Will the valve be used continuously, intermittent, or momentary?
  • What are the operating pressures that the valve will be subjected to?

Other considerations are the different valve options to ensure a valve has a long life doing its job.  While most valves may look similar from the outside, choosing ones with special features may cost a little more at initial purchase, but will be more cost effect over the long run with a longer life, easier maintenance, as well as fewer parts requiring replacement.  The initial cost of a valve versus its true cost over its lifetime, can vary significantly if valve options are not considered carefully.

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