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Skid mounted BWRO Systems, Venezuela

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In July 2013, Pure Aqua successfully manufactured and supplied five skid mounted BWRO systems to a major company in Venezuela. The skid mounted BWRO systems came complete with am activated carbon filter for chlorine removal and a water softener to remove hardness. It came pre-piped and wired all on one skid controlled by one microprocessor control panel. The system was designed to produce 7,500 GPD at a feed up to 3,600 PPM TDS. The BW-7.5K-540 was selected from our RO-200 series. From its initial start-up, the system has been functioning accordingly with minimal trouble-shooting.

Skid mounted BWRO systems is planned and created in order to purify water that comes from a well, stream or lake. They are particularly special because of the benefits of the system being assembled and mounted at our corporate location. This benefits the buyer because they do not need to hire from their local area either a plumber or electrician in order to complete the system. All of the installation and connecting is done prior to shipment. Once the buyer receives their skid mounted system they simply need to install it to their water source.

BWRO systems are responsible for purifying brackish water. Brackish water does not contain as much salt as seawater, however, it is not pure enough to consume either. Reverses osmosis is used to purify the water by removing salt and other sediments. Water has a natural tendency to progress toward higher salinity content. This desire is referred to as 'osmosis'. Unfortunately, the higher salinity is what makes water impure. Reverse osmosis systems counter water’s natural tendency by applying more pressure then used in the process of osmosis. This then pushes water toward lower salinity content. Water is fed through a semipermeable membrane, which only allows water through and catches excess salt and sediment. These impurities are continued through a tube separate from the now pure water and disposed of.

The water softener applied before the reverse osmosis removes hardness from water by removing calcium and magnesium ions. These ions distract household soaps and detergents from their responsibilities leaving skin with a 'slimy' feeling and clothes unclean. The hardness is removed but using resin as a magnet and sucking them away from water and replacing them with sodium ions. These sodium ion are in no way harmful to a person and do not cause the same havoc when interacting with soaps and detergents. The calcium and magnesium that builds up on the resin is later washed away in a process called regeneration. In regeneration, a solution is put into the softener. This solution contains sodium ions. The resin again acts like a magnet, releasing the calcium and magnesium ions, keeping the sodium ions. The calcium and magnesium ions are flushed away with the solution and the process starts all over again with resin and sodium ions.

System Overview

Location : Venezuela
End-User : A major company
Objective : To remove hardness, chlorine, and to lower TDS
Water Source : Borehole well
Feed TDS : 3,600 ppm
Capacity : 5 x 7,500 GPD
Pre-treatment : Multimedia filter, activated carbon filter and water softener
Instruments : Flow meters, conductivity meter, pressure gauges, and low pressure switch
Control System : Microprocessor control panel

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