Skid-Safe for the Oil & Gas Industry



All too often damage to pressure relief devices can result in situations with the rupture disk failing below rated pressure or producing an ineffectual burst whereby the vent area is seriously reduced by the rupture disk malfunction. Moreover, undertaking maintenance on a rupture disk assembly in remote areas is a highly costly operation and a serious source of inconvenience. ZOOK has designed a revolutionary pressure protection unit ready for immediate installation.


Skid-Safe from ZOOK can dramatically reduce the number of premature failures and unsafe operations on well-head skids for the Oil & Gas Industry.


The Skid-Safe unit provides numerous technical and commercial advantages compared to conventional alternatives:

  • Fully assembled and ready for immediate installation between flanges, substantially reduces installation time and assembly difficulties.
  • Reverse acting disk has full dome membrane protection from the RAH holder.
  • Can be easily installed using integral flange bolt holes.
  • Flange bolt holes drilled to the exact flange specification for which it is installed, This guarantees the total assembly is centrally located within the specific pipework flange rating enabling unobstructed flow when the disk ruptures.
  • Self-centralization within the pipework.
  • Installation requires minimal effort. Simply hang or locate one flange bolt through the pipework flange and through the guide hole in the Skid-Safe unit.
  • Z-Detect and Z-Alert are installed in all Skid-Safe units.

For more information on ZOOK's complete line of pressure relief solutions, please email sales.asia@zookdisk.com or visit us at www.zookdisk.com.

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