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For over 12 years, SkimTech’s Skimall Tube Type Oil Skimmers have solved industrial oils, grease and fats problems. Used by companies throughout the world, SkimTech’s hard-working oil skimmers can be found in applications from large indoor and outdoor oil/water separators to small settling tanks.

Our customers have found the reliable operation and ease of maintenance make them the oil skimmer of choice. The patented modern design uses Dureon abrasive resistance wear pieces, lubed for life gear reducer and bearings with safety features that make them reliable and safe to use. The TigerTube collector tube is unsurpassed in performance and can be used on all tube type oil skimmers.

Three models of Skimall oil skimmers are available. The AG25 oil skimmer is designed for small applications, BG34 and BG01 for large industrial applications.

Typical Removal Rates:

  • Light Oils & Grease: 4 - 28 GPH
  • Medium Oils & Grease: 9 - 68 GPH
  • Heavy Oils & Grease: 20 - 160 GPH

The Model BG34 High Speed Oil Skimming System Is Supplied Complete With:

    • 1/12 - 1/2 HP 115/230Volt single phase motor or 230/460 Volt three phase motor.
    • Safety guard with integral Dureon scrapers & pressure blocks.
  • Lubed for life gear reducer, bearings and sprockets.
  • Quick connect and release Drive and Pulley Wheels.
  • Single ring replaceable Dureon Drive and Pulley Wheel Wear Rings.
  • Modern Drive and Pulley Wheel timing belt drive system with belt tension device.
  • Rear safety guard.
  • Weight: 35 - 140 lbs.

Skimmer Mounting Systems:

SkimTech has an assortment of standard frame and boom mounting systems available for any application. Custom mounts that include pumps, 500 - 2000 gallon collection tanks, and complete system controls are available for unique customer requirements. Any mounting system can be winterized for outdoor applications. Our Application Engineering Department is available to assist with any customer application.

Miscellaneous Information:

SkimTech, Inc. skimmer designs are patented. Skimall, TigerTube, and Dureon are trademarks of SkimTech, Inc.

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