- Innovative On-line Software for Wet Weather Analysis

This paper presents a sophisticated I/I analysis software tool that is available on-line to any City or engineering consultant. Probably the most common use of flow monitoring data is the analysis of flow during dry and wet weather. The analysis may determine if a sewer has capacity for development, to calibrate a hydraulic model or to analyze inflow and infiltration. Additionally cMOM envisions the use of flow monitoring to help determine sewer capacity. Regardless of the type of the analysis, there are several repetitive steps that will always occur (e.g. determining the average dry day flow and peak wet weather flow).

ADS Environmental Services has been developing this software tool over a 12-year period as an in-house utility to speed up the process of dry and wet weather analysis for I/I studies. The online software is now available to users who acquire sufficient training. Beta testing by engineers in 2004 indicated that time required for I/I analysis using this tool can be from 1/6th to 1/10th the time required by spreadsheet-based tools. Additionally, the software performs an array of engineering functions to provide a full understanding of the system performance. These include: Rainfall Analysis, Dry Day Analysis, Scattergraph Analysis, Storm-by-Storm I/I Calculation, Depth-Duration-Frequency of each storm, Q-to i Relationships and Pre- and Post-Rehabilitation Analysis.

Most engineers have a preferred method for how data are parsed and analyzed and spreadsheetbased tools make it difficult to modify the type of analysis performed. Sliicer presents the engineer with over 30 separate settings or controls that allow the analysis to answer different questions and solve different problems. The entire analysis can be re-done in minutes to allow rapid “what-if” questions to be answered.

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