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Sweed Quietly Making Slitter Line History

Scrap winders, while requiring the lowest capital investment for a scrap handling system, have many disadvantages that impact the productivity of the slitting line and the safety of the line operators. Scrap winders also have limitations as to the scrap conditions they can handle. For instance, at the start of every coil processed, the scrap strand has to be manually threaded to the scrap winder; this requires manpower and downtime. It also requires caution to keep from causing physical harm to the operator from the sharp edges of the scrap. In addition, when a scrap strand breaks the threading process must be repeated, requiring more manpower and additional downtime. With high customer demand, productivity is at the forefront for equipment builders, and manufacturers can’t afford to waste labor or lose production time.

To accommodate high production needs, equipment manufacturers are building new features into their lines and are replacing their old winders. One of these features is a Sweed Slitterline Chopper to handle the slitter scrap as it’s being produced in-line.

Using a Sweed Slitterline Chopper is an effective method to handle edge trim scrap from any continuous strip process line. It provides almost total “hands off” handling of the scrap strands from the time it separates from the main strip until the strip is deposited into a container to be returned for recycling. A Sweed Slitterline Chopper is safe and easy to maintain while providing increased productivity, decreased operating manpower and added value to the scrap generated.

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