Rusmar Inc.

Sludge Landfill - Odor Control


Courtesy of Rusmar Inc.

Products & Equipment Used:
  • Pneumatic Foam Unit 1600/40
  • AC-920 Long Duration Foam

Application Summary:

The Lynn (MA) Water and Sewer Commission's incinerator, dedicated for burning secondary sewage sludge, was shut down because of stack emissions that exceeded regulatory standards. The sludge that was usually burned had to be placed directly in a landfill. During warm weather, off-gases from the sludge created a significant odor problem. Rusmar Incorporated's AC-920 Long Duration Foam was applied over approximately 2 1/2 acres of the affected area. After the application of foam, the odors were eliminated. The AC-920 Long Duration Foam membrane remained intact for six months, long enough for the sludge to decompose to a point where odor was no longer a problem.

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