Sludge Respirometry at Avecia, Grangemouth


Courtesy of Strathkelvin Instruments Ltd.

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Avecia is now using the Strathkelvin Activated Sludge Respirometer in its effluent management programme, at its Grangemouth site. Avecia was formed by a buyout of the speciality chemicals section of AstraZeneca in 1999. It now operates from 28 sites worldwide. Grangemouth is the main manufacturing site in the UK, specialising in fine chemical production, specifically ink jet printer dyes, additives, agrochemical and pharmaceutical intermediates and advanced therapeutics. The aqueous waste waters of the manufacturing process are treated on site in an extensive chemical and biological treatment plant, with up to 8 Mlitres of treated effluent being discharged each day to the Firth of Forth. With its wide range of manufactured products, including components from its R&D, pilot and manufacturing sections, it is not surprising that its wastewaters may contain substances of varying potential effects on effluent plant biomass. Protection of the treatment process and preservation of the aquatic environment of the Forth has been a long-established policy at the site. However, a biological treatment plant operating below optimal efficiency, because of effects on the sludge bacteria, cannot fulfil its design intent and also incurs costs to the company.

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