Smart buildings: ten trends to watch in 2012 and beyond


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Buildings are becoming smarter through the deployment of intelligent and energy efficient technologies that reduce energy consumption while making buildings easier to manage and operate.

Demand for efficient HVAC and lighting systems, as well as other types of hardware like controls and submeters, is growing as the value proposition for energy efficiency is proven again and again. In addition, advances in software for building energy management systems (BEMS) as well as for building design (through building information modeling, or BIM) are making it easier to design and maintain high performance buildings.

These trends are apparent worldwide. In North America, revenues for a wide range of smart building technologies and services including building automation systems (BAS), energy service companies (ESCOs), and demand response (DR) are steadily growing.

In Europe, growing adoption of the ISO 50001 energy management standard is driving investment in building energy management systems (BEMS) and submeter technologies that help facility owners comply with the standard.

In the Asia Pacific region, where the building stock is expected to grow at an average of over 2 billion square meters per year for the foreseeable future, the potential for smart building technology deployments is all but untapped.

Ten Trends in Smart Buildings

  • Building energy management hits the cloud
  • Co-opetition is on the rise in the building industry
  • Targeted acquisitions help key players deliver end-to-end monetized energy services
  • Demand for smart building products in Asia Pacific will soar, driven largely by China
  • U.S. energy service companies turn to the federal sector
  • Building communication protocols are converging in more ways than one
  • Demand response (DR) is shifting into automatic
  • Submeters find new opportunities in smarter buildings
  • Building information modeling is transforming the design process
  • The interface between smart buildings and the smart grid is blurring

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