SMEs: making small beautiful

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Have you ever heard anyone who runs a small business complain that they don't have enough to read? No? Well, you won't be surprised to know there is an array of health and safety information aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and there is no doubt that some of it, for example the HSE's web-based information, is very good. But while there is plenty of advice on what SMEs have to do, there is far less on how they should put it into practice, particularly with limited time and resources.

Drawing on experience of managing and advising small businesses, this bi-monthly series aims to show how small businesses can meet the basic legal requirements and overcome some of the main obstacles to managing health and safety effectively. This month, we preview some of the key topics we will be covering in coming months.

Bare essentials
Small businesses and their health and safety responsibilities vary greatly, but there are some basic requirements that apply to all companies, regardless of size. The essentials are, of course, anything required by health and safety law, but in this series we will look into what it takes to shape up to the 'bare essentials' - what every SME should be doing.

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