Smooth operation at great glen STW


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The new packages replace double disc pumps which had reached the end of their working lives.

The sewage works, run by Severn Trent Water, required an equipment overhaul which was undertaken by project engineering firm Exeeco. It was Exeeco who recommended the Mono packages to draw sludge from a primary tank and pump to a holding tank 70 metres away at 1-3 l/s and 3 bar pressure.

Each auto desludge package consists of a Mono progressing cavity pump, pipework, valves, control panel, over pressure switch and dry run protection system, all supplied on a skid mounted baseplate and delivered to site. The
customer therefore benefits from reduced cost of installation, as the package only has to be positioned on a pre-prepared foundation slab, with only suction and delivery pipework connections required and mains feed connection to the panel.

The compact progressing cavity pump, used in the package, offers a fully sealed drive train to maximize life and minimize downtime and fully adjustable variance in pump speed enables correct sludge consistency to be maintained.

The pumps have now been operating, problem free, for over a year, a considerable improvement on their predecessors which required frequent maintenance causing costly downtime.

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