SMS alerts with AEMS on Cory Envrionmental landfill site case study


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Landfill gas monitoring




United Kingdom


Cory Environmental


The customer was looking for a ‘smart’ gas monitoring system to continuously monitor landfill gas concentrations and pressure and send alerts by SMS message when the site is not manned, avoiding the need for weekend and overnight staffing or lone working.


Cory Environmental took over this mature landfill site in 2008 and carefully manages the gas field, optimising gas flow to a 1.75MW Cummins CHP engine. Change in the composition of waste being delivered to the site, including diversion of organic waste, is causing lower landfill gas flow and unpredictable gas quality. As a result the CHP engine is working closer to operational margins and the AEMS continuous monitoring system provides early warning of changes in the gas field. This allows appropriate action to be taken, maximising power generation from the biogas and protecting the CHP engine from gas fluctuations which can cause expensive repairs and unnecessary downtime. It is essential to maintain appropriate gas concentration and pressure so SMS alerts are set to notify three operational staff if methane falls below a set level, oxygen rises above a set level or pressure falls too low. The AEMS continuous gas monitoring system sends SMS alert messages when these thresholds are exceeded. This allows staff to either phone the site or log on to the site RMS system and make the required minor adjustments remotely, such as opening a valve to increase gas pressure. Ian Craven, Cory Environmental's landfill manager at Hafod Quarry commented, “the text alerts provide a means of controlling gas management on the site even when it is unstaffed, saving avoidable late night site visits and lone working situations”. The SMS notifications can be set up according to requirements for each site or client and can include power failure, calibration bottle low, modem comms failure or full data disk, for example. Geotech’s Technical Support team also receive the notifications from all of our communicating gas monitoring systems. This provides an additional safety net as they are made aware of any issues almost immediately and can double check that action has been taken. Cory Environmental is one of the UK's leading recycling, waste management and energy recovery companies, providing waste collection, recycling and disposal services as well as municipal cleansing. The company manages 3.5 million tonnes of waste and recyclables each year.

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