Snoqualmie falls riverbank stabilization case study


Courtesy of Propex Operating Company, LLC

Puget Sound Energy - Snoqualmie Falls Redevelopment Project
In 2009, PugetSound Energy began a comprehensive upgrade of the hydroelectric infrastructure at Snoqualmie Falls - a power generation facility built in 1890. Loose soils and heavy rainfall contributed to a landslide along the Snoqualmie River bank in the Fall of 2010, and GeoEngineers was commissioned to provide a long-term design solution.

Due to EPA regulations, the area along the water line could not be disturbed, so Propex Engineering Services worked with GeoEngineers to come up with the solution: rock filled pockets at the toe of the slope in lieu of a standard termination trench.

Propex's ARMORMAX® was the clear choice for erosion protection and to stabilize the bank. Its lofty, woven construction and tight weave allow it to be slit to plug woody vegetation and shrubs through the mat without concern of it unraveling the way conventional TRMs do.

  • Project : Snoqualmie Falls Riverbank Stabilization Location Snoqualmie, WA
  • Product : ARMORMAX®
  • Application : Riverbank Stabilization
  • Owner : Puget Sound Energy
  • Contractor : Ohno Construction
  • Engineer  : GeoEngineers (Redmond, WA)

Features & Benefits

  • UV stabilized for 50-year longevity
  • Structurally designed slope reinforcement
  • Easy and rapid installation
  • Proven technology
  • Vegetated with custom hydraulic growth-medium
  • More cost-effective than traditional solutions
  • Sustainable results

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