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Social capital development of ICT-driven communities in Malaysia

This paper studies the social capital development in communities where ICT projects have been implemented. The focus is on areas where ICT project namely KedaiKom was implemented. It is studied by looking at social networks particularly social participation, which is reviewed based on three main elements, i.e., trust, reciprocity, and sense of community. This enables the examination and investigation of whether KedaiKom projects successfully create social capital or at least sustain the existing social capital of the communities. Six hundred questionnaires were distributed to KedaiKom users, and it was found that respondents felt that the establishment of the KedaiKom has facilitated the development of their communities' social capital.

Keywords: KedaiKom, community ICT, social capital development, Malaysia, social networks, social participation, trust, reciprocity, sense of community, information technology, communications

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