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Societal risk communication and nuclear waste disposal

How to deal with health and environmental protection is one of the most difficult and challenging modern policy issues. Accurate and balanced public understanding and perception of risk is essential for the development of technologies and the protection of public health and environment. Misconceived views of various environmental risks could result in our limited resources being improperly expended. This study reviews the issues related to the acceptability of risk from the disposal of nuclear waste based on the understanding of interactive dynamics of risk communication among the various parties involved. These parties include government, industry, the scientific community, media, and the public. This study found that risk perception related to nuclear waste is driven by many forces which are non-technical in nature. Reconsideration of risk communication is needed based on the transformation of this large and complex problem into more manageable distinct elements and integration of these elements based on a multi-faceted systems approach.

Keywords: risk perception and communication, nuclear waste disposal, risk assessment, the public, government, industry, science, media

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