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Socio–environmental nuclear conflicts: the case of El Cabril

Since the commissioning of the 'El Cabril' Central Storage Facility for Low– and Intermediate–level Radioactive Waste (hereafter 'El Cabril'), most people living in nearby towns and villages have regarded this nuclear facility with a marked degree of rejection and distrust. This study examines the process of analysis, management and intervention specifically designed and implemented with a view to mediating in the socio–environmental conflict in the host village and neighbouring communities. It vindicates the use of participatory action research (PAR) as the most appropriate methodology for this self–compositional process of conflict resolution, in which this university research team acted as an impartial extrajudicial mediator in a context marked by opposing interests.

Keywords: mediators, mediation, radioactive waste, participatory action research, socio–environmental conflict, nuclear energy, nuclear power, Spain, nuclear waste, conflict resolution, environmental pollution, distrust

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