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Software implementation of the harmonoise/imagine method, the various sources of uncertainty

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Uncertainty in noise prediction is usually thou ght of being related to the accuracy of the  input data and the accuracy of the prediction method. However documentation of the  prediction standard that contains ambiguous algorithms and unclear definitions of  geometrical calculation data will also lead to uncertainty in software implementation. The  past has proven that different software packages based on the same prediction standard  give different results even in simple cases. Th is as a result of the unclear documentation of  the standard itself.

There are 2 important steps need ed for a calculation: Path detection and path calculation.  The first step has to do with the import of digital data. It must be clear how geographical  information of buildings, roads, barriers, rivers, parks, bridges, tunnels etc. has to be used  in the calculation. The current European (interim) methods however give only very little  information on how to do so. The second step has to do with the calculation itself. There  should be no unclear phrases and no ambiguous algorithms in order to avoid different  interpretations.

This paper addresses the new Harmonoise calculation method. The documentation of this  method has been inspected by software engineers in order to see if the method is clear  enough for implementation into software. The results of this study will be presented.

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