Software review: dips v.5.0


Courtesy of Rocscience Inc.

Dips (5.0) for WINDOWS is the latest version of the brawny steregraphic projection program from Roescience'. It comes packed with enoough functionality to provide solutions to the most complex problems in the fields of Earth Sciences or Engineering requiring the analysis of orientation based data. Dip has obviou applications in the fields of:
  1. Stability/instability investigations in mining or road works operations;
  2. Mineral exploration in sstructurally-controlled are systems;
  3. Geometrical analyses of polydeformed terranes.

From the prespective of a structural geologist involed in mineral exploration. Dips is an essential abalytical and data manipulation tool. It comes with an impresive suite of Pole, Scatter, Contour, and Rosette plot options, with the ability to overlay contours on pole plots. In addition, it can create Symbolic plots, which simultaneously display multiple types of structural data (shears, hedding, lineations etc.) on a single plot with a cprresponding legend. It allows for the addition of lines and planes, the roation of data and even has a job control tool to account for magnetic declination. To boot, Terzaghi Weighting can be applied to contour plots to correct for sampling bias introduced by data collection. Plotss can be exported as JPEG. Metafile or Bitmap files or can simply be cut from and pasted into other WINDOWS applications. For users of previous versions of Dips, compatibility has been maintained for old DOS based data files.

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