Software: the marriage and benefits of operational software and gps technology

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There are several software vendors that provide operational tools to help manage and grow your business. When choosing a software vendor, look for a product that is comprehensive to benefit all aspects of your business including operations, customer service and accounting to help you to streamline these areas of your business:

Customer and job site tracking and a mechanism to record your customer service calls in order to assist you in organizing calls received and respond quickly to them.

There are many challenges assisted with routing your customers. A solution that will handle “fixed” or regularly scheduled calls, “on-call” or call-ins and technology to assist you with the challenges of doorto- door residential routing will enable you to handle any routing challenges you may encounter.

Mapping technology is readily available with software applications and will assist you to provide a very visual picture of your calls.

Being able to drill down to a detailed level when it comes to revenue tracking and reporting is essential to gain insight into the overall profitability of your business. For example:

Track and bill costs associated with disposal.

Track your containers.
Detailed production reporting to ensure you are making profit at a route as well as a customer level.
A system that is operations-driven will enable you to always bill your customers as a result of servicing them.

Today, many different technology options are being offered. Software that is capable of being able to integrate to third-party vendors to provide a collaboration of many different technologies will provide more extensive benefits to the operation of your business.

GPS Technology
There are many choices available under the broad heading of GPS solutions and just as many vendors who provide different options and functionality. Knowing what you want to accomplish by having GPS is important so that you will be able to sift through the options, maximize the benefits and determine the best solution for your company.

The ability to identify where your vehicles are has benefit. In its basic form, GPS technology allows you to know where your vehicles are located at any given time. However, having this information readily available as a stand-alone product without being fully integrated to your operational software, sometimes counteracts the many benefits you could receive from GPS.

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