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Software warns of early membrane fouling


Courtesy of MASAR Technologies, Inc.

A software system known as MASAR – Membrane Alarm System and Automated Reporter, is proving to be a valuable tool for monitoring and optimizing membrane – based water purification and desalination plants. It can detect the early development of membrane fouling/scaling in RO, NF, UF and MF systems by monitoring performance and measuring an early-warning parameter called the Fouling Monitor  (FM).

Membrane manufacturers and water plant operators have traditionally been using the industry-standard normalization method (ASTM D-4516-00), Standard Practice for Standardizing Reverse Osmosis Performance Data). It produces a long-term flux decline performance trend by comparing the normalized product flux and quality performance to design projections under the same conditions.

The FM, on the other hand, is based on detecting and quantitatively measuring membrane fouling or scaling as soon as it starts to develop in the system in real-time, eliminating the need for the long-term, ambiguous trending analysis.
The MSWIndows-based software, designed to be userfriendly and error-proof, also can serve as an integrated plant performance optimization, data management and reporting system. Operating data can be entered manually, imported from data acquisition systems or transferred from existing spreadsheet or database files, including most membrane manufacturers’ normalization programs.

The company licenses a limited version of the software package, applicable to one RO or NF train. Other customized licenses are available to fit any seawater, brackish or wastewater plant with multiple trains, UF/MF arrays. Single or double-pass with single or multi-stage designs. The system also can be customized to meet customers’ data input, output, display, reporting and graphics requirements.

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