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Soil and Groundwater Clean-up


Courtesy of Brennan Environmental, INC.

CLIENT: Homeowner/Insurance Company

LOCATION: Hopatcong, NJ

PROJECT TYPE: Soil and Groundwater Clean-up

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Brennan Environmental, Inc. was retained jointly by a homeowner and their insurance company to complete a soil and groundwater clean-up. An aboveground heating oil tank burst in the basement of their home, spilling approximately 200 gallons of oil onto the floor of the basement. The oil seeped through cracks in the basement floor and contaminated the underlying soil and groundwater. The clean-up was complicated by a very restrictive working condition in which no heavy equipment could access the area. Furthermore, the cleanup had to be completed quickly to lessen the fuel oil odors to the interior of the house and prevent a discharge into a lake located approximately 200 feet down gradient.

RESULTS: The petroleum-saturated soil was hand excavated and disposed of. The remaining soil and groundwater was treated with an innovative in-situ chemical oxidative treatment system. The treatment system consisted of injecting a non-toxic and USEPA approved peroxide based solution into the affected area. The reaction resulted in the conversion of the contamination to non-hazardous carbon dioxide and water. Brennan Environmental, Inc. completed the entire investigation and remediation, which involved applicable permits and pre and post-remediation sampling. A No Further Action Approval was issued by the NJDEP in less than six months. The work was completed for less than $30,000. The closest competitive bid called for a soil vapor extraction system for $175,000 and operation and maintenance for 3-4 years.

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