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Soil CEC and Selectivity Sequence for Mercury (II) Ion

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Mercury is one of the most hazardous air and water pollutants. Since the issuance of the Clean Air Mercury Rule for coal-fired electric boiler utilities in March 2005, numerous scientific researches have focused on the fate and transport of mercury in both atmosphere and aqueous environment. The issue of aqueous mercury transport as the major mercury transport mechanism becomes more and more significant for environmental engineers and scientists. Due to several phase transformations from coal to coal combustion products placed in direct contact with an aqueous environment, mercury in leachate may easily exceed the Maximum Contaminant Level of 2 μg/l. CEC and soil selectivity for mercury (II) are some of the variables to be considered in aqueous mercury species transport. This paper shows the derivation of CEC and soil selectivity sequence for mercury (II) ion.

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