Soils Radiological Characterization under a Nuclear Facility



Nowadays, nuclear industry is facing a crucial need in establishing radiological characterization for the appraisal and the monitoring of any remediation work.

Regarding its experience in this domain, the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) of Fontenay-aux-Roses, established an important feedback and developed a sound methodology for radiological characterization. This approach is based on several steps:
- historical investigations
- assumption and confirmation of the contamination
- surface characterization
- in depth characterization
- rehabilitation objectives
- remediation process

The amount of measures, samples and analysis is optimized for data treatment by geostatistics.

This innovative approach is now used to characterize soils under facilities. In Fontenay-aux-Roses CEA Centre, there is an action plan aiming to assess the activity level under accessible facilities. The paper presents the radiological characterization of soils under RM1 basement. This facility has been built after the first generation of nuclear facilities in place of a plutonium facility which has been dismantled in 1960. The presentation details the different steps of radiological characterization from historical investigations to optimization of excavation depths, impact studies and contaminated volumes.

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