Sol S.p.A., a technical gas producer, saves 20% of water by usage of Ferrofos 8441 - Case Study


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Water savings and customer satisfaction proven

Once through cooling system, Ferrofos® 8441, Antiscaling, water savings

The plant of SOL S.p.A in Marcianese (CE) produces N2O for medical uses in cryotherapy.

The system runs with well water with a hardness of 36°f (360 ppm CaCO3) that is collected in an underground tank. From there the water is pumped to the utilities (compressor, reactor jacket and anti-fire tank). The outlet water is directly discharged in the sewage plant.

The average water consumption, before starting of Kurita´s treatment was 300 m³/day. The main part of this volume is used to cool the reactor jacket for the production of N2O.


  • Avoidance of deposits formation and ensure the efficiency of the devices
  • Environmental harmless treatment, due to the discharge into the sewage plant
  • Avoidance of corrosion on metallic surfaces
  • Reduction of water consumption

Kurita is treating the once-through cooling circuit since 2014 with Ferrofos® 8441.

The product is dosed into the suction line of the pump which pumps water from the well into the storage tank of 50 m³ volume. The dosage rate is 10-12 ppm.

The treatment has proven a reduction of the scaling deposits improving the efficiency of the heat exchangers. Moreover a part of the water could be recycled in the underground tank.

Despite the increase of conductivity and salt content, the treatment with Ferrofos® 8441 has maintained the standard performance.

As consequence the consumption of water has been reduced by 20%; passing from 300 m³/day to 240 m³/day. This saving is already 2 times higher than the chemical treatment cost.

Sol S.p.A has kindly provided us a reference letter for the good results that Kurita obtained and for the quality of the service offered.

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