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Solar grease trap aerator works day and night

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Solar Grease Trap Aeration Systems were developed to solve Odor and Water Quality Problems. Solar Grease Trap Aeration Systems will remove and avoid odor problems while also improving overall water quality without the need for Chemicals, Bacterias, and /or Ozone. This allows the restaurant owner to become more effective and efficient immediately. They can pay off the investment within 1-6 months. The restaurant owner will no longer have monthly or weekly bacteria treatments with chemicals, pit cleaning, power costs, or water quality fines.

Grease Traps typically have poor water movement, otherwise the operation is much like a septic tank. The Bacterias that process waste are Aerobic, Facultative and Obligate Anaerobic. Aerobic Bacteria require Oxygen and a good source is the compressed air, which is provided by the Solar Grease Trap Aeration System. Aerobic Bacteria or more aggressive and effective than Anaerobic Bacteria which do not require Oxygen. Typically there are very few of these type of Bacteria in your Grease Trap. In a conventional Grease Trap System, most of the Bacteria are Facultative.

Facultative Bacteria also require Oxygen but they get it from non-aerated water by stripping Oxygen Molecules from other sources which directly produce the “rotten egg odor,” also known as hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). As the wastewater is stripped completely of all Oxygen, in many cases, this gas accumulates and makes it to the surface through the sewer or septic tank vent pipes causing the restaurant owner many other problems and loss business. When you aerate the Facultative Bacteria it stops producing the H2S and odor and only produce an earthy smell like dirt.

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