Solar powered baler and compactor combination helps LEED Certified Hotel recycle and manage trash off the grid - Case Study


Courtesy of Harmony Enterprises, Inc.

In Napa Valley, California, the Bardessono Hotel and Spa is bringing their waste management and recycling “off the grid”.  Bay Area Trash Compactor installed the P4FL trash compactor and M42BC compactor by Harmony Enterprises, Inc. at this LEED Platinum Certified Hotel earlier this summer. The side-by-side solar powered compactor and baler combination is the first of its kind to manage the recycling and waste with no wired electrical hook up.

Why Install a Solar Powered Baler and Compactor Side-by-Side?Slash Waste Hauling Bills

With the P4FL Trash Compactor, the  Bardessono Hotel has already seen a big impact. For instance:

  • Reduced waste pickups to just one time a week.16 yards of loose trash is compacted into just 4 yards of trash.
  • Reduced trash hauling expenses by 50%
  • Minimized garbage truck noise, making the hotel a more enjoyable experience for guests and neighbors
  • Eliminates odors and pests

Streamline Recycling

With the M42BC Cardboard Baler, the Bardessono Hotel can better manage it’s recycling program. For instance:
  • Equipment is small enough to fit into their small allowed space
  • Increased the overall efficiency of their cardboard recycling program
  • Can crush 150-200 boxes into an easy to handle 200 lb. bale
  • Overall with solar equipment combo, reduced CO2 emissions by over 14 tons annually

Why Solar for Bardessono Hotel?

For Bardessono Hotel and Spa, acting on their environmental values is important. Bardessono Hotel is one of just three LEED Platinum Certified Hotels in the United States, which is the highest standard for environmental design. The hotel’s environmental initiatives include heating and cooling, reuse of material, low water use, solar energy, and now solar recycling and waste management. Using the solar powered compactor and baler combination allows them to enhance their guests’ experience while reducing costs. Paul Gracheff, Director of Property Management at Bardessono Hotel notes, “The compactor and baler have both cleaned up the back of the house, and made terrific financial and environmental sense. The fact that Bay Area Trash Compactor and their partners at Harmony Enterprises have developed these systems to operate off the grid simply take us to the next level in sustainability.”

The Team that Made it Happen

To make this breakthrough solar powered compactor and trash compactor combination happen, some great teams came together. Harmony Enterprises, Inc.  is the manufacturer of the P4FL Trash Compactor and the M42BC cardboard baler, and partnered with Werner Electric to deliver a robust solar waste management solution that is ideal for the forward-thinking facilities staff at Bardessono Hotel & Spa. Bay Area Trash Compactor is the local compactor and baler dealer who installed the equipment and helped bring together the expertise and equipment to make this unique waste management approach a reality.

Solar-Powered Future

Now, when a wired electrical hook up for a baler or compactor is too difficult or costly, a solar powered baler and compactor can be a reality.  Other hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, universities and hospitals, are already following suit. Sustainability-minded businesses will also see the environmental benefits of achieving the waste management and recycling goals off the grid.

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