Solar pumping system delivers outstanding results to local farming community in india


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Rural Development Trust (RDT) is an N.G.O based in the state of Andhra Pradesh in Southern part of India.

The local area has a hilly arid condition, with failing monsoons and high heat and only two hours of electricity most days. These extreme conditions result in various crop failures and drought like situations.

An Mono, Tata BP and RDT initiative is to offer a marginal land holding to the local farmers that fall below the poverty line. With this land holding a Mono Solar Pumping system and drip irrigation system was developed to provide the local community with the opportunity to grow fruit and vegetable plantations.

Pump Installation

A group of three farmers with adjoining land holdings joined their allotments together making a holding of up to three acres. On their allotment they created a co-operative with each other and dug a bore hole between them in the most central piece of land and installed a Mono Sun-Sub Series 3000 Solar Water Pumping system. The installation of this system significantly improved the quality of their crop yield and at the same time reduced their water requirements.

In addition to the subsidised Solar Water Pumping system, RDT also gave the farmers drip systems for their respective farms. Each day the farmers rotate the system to water their respective properties and in turn successfully grow seasonal vegetables.

Using their knowledge of Agriculture practices, the farmers have managed to spread the plantation over 18 Acres which includes a mango plantation of 1360 trees which they water through a three time shift.

RDT chose the Mono Solar Pump range supplied through Tata BP Solar as the ideal choice for use with drip irrigation. It’s ability to offer a higher discharge, high safety features built in preventing back pressure shut-off to prevent pipe bursts, flexible speed settings at the touch of a button, dry run protection and above all the capability to handle the high head because of drip.

Mono Solar Pumping Systems deliver outstanding results to local farming communities in India.

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