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Solid at offers remote WEB/GMS/GPRS monitoring solution case study


Solid’s SmartScan® 50 provides noncontact, maintenance free ultrasonic solution with remote monitoring for problem prevention and effective sewer management in one of Israel's wastewater plants.

The Problems

Holon municipality sewage system, located in the center of Israel, is an old underground network. The wastewater collection system consists of buried pipelines which convey the wastewater by gravity to the water treatment plant. The problem is that these wastewater components cause frequent blockages in the ditches. The blockages can happen at any given point without a warning resulting in an overflow into the streets. Rainy weather or litter blocking the drainpipes entering the sewers can cause the water level to rise, leading to damage to the surrounding area.

This causes great disturbance to the Holon area residents as well as frequent costly alerts to the Holon wastewater department. The authorities have to respond immediately to such incidents. When considering the right technology to monitor the level in their sewage system, the Holon sewage department engineers had to take into consideration factors that could possibly mislead contact level gauging devices. These factors included a rise in humidity in certain hours such as early mornings when people are using hot water. Contact level gauging devices would require high maintenance and could therefore not be a cost effective solution. Another aspect that had to be considered was the possibility of overflows in the joint network caused by rain water. Also non-contact devices without approvals for submersion could become damaged or ruined in the current sewage system.

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