Solid H2S Removal System for Railcar Vapor Unloading Operations


Courtesy of Merichem Company

Molten sulfur is a basic component of many chemicals used in a variety of industries. It is typically brought into the chemical plant via tanker truck or rail car. Most molten sulfur comes from an industrial H2S removal process called the Claus Process, and contains dissolved H2S.

Flexsys is the leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals for rubber processing and related industries; they are located in SW Pennsylvania. Flexsys uses molten sulfur as the raw material for their process, and to protect their employees, they were investigating various methods for removing H2S from the vapor emitted from the rail cars. They had looked at using carbon for the H2S removal, but found that Sulfur-Rite® was a better option for two main reasons:

1. The carbon cannot effectively handle the extreme swings in H2S load without exceeding the outlet concentration requirement.
2. Carbon is combustible, and the combination of high base temperatures (280 ºF) and the high potential H2S inlet levels would cause the bed to potentially ignite, as the adsorption of H2S on the carbon evolves heat.

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