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Solid waste sustainability related to building deconstruction

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This paper discusses various issues of sustainability in relation to solid waste and building deconstruction. Four major themes are researched: (1) the major challenges in the deconstruction and demolition processes, (2) the monetary and social impacts of deconstruction, (3) the decision criteria for deconstruction vs. demolition and (4) the strategic issues in deconstruction and lessons learned from past case studies. Data collected and presented provide detailed assessment of available deconstruction technologies and materials' recycling and reuse methods. The benefits of deconstruction lead to reduce the impacts on the nation's virgin materials, energy demand and landfill space. Tipping fees of Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste represents a determining factor for the economic health of the deconstruction industry. The model presented shows a steady trend in devising innovative technologies that help in reusing and recycling C&D waste. Should this trend continue through the next decade, full diversion rates and recycling becomes a possibility.

Keywords: construction and demolition, C&, D modelling, building deconstruction, deconstruction technologies, green construction, materials recycling, reuse issues, safety issues, social issues, economic issues, solid waste sustainability, tipping fees, sustainable development

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