Solids Control for Drilling Mud Process System

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Nowadays, more and more drilling contractors recognize solids control’s importance to oil and gas drilling, HDD, CSM/CBM exploration, etc. How does solid control affect well drilling? Please find the following details.

Cost Comparison of Two Oil Well Drilling

Let’s find the difference of two kinds of oil well drilling with and without solids control system. Final effect or result is main cost on the drill tools consumption, such as, drilling bit, straining beam, cylinder sleeve, piston, and valve. One well ( 2# well ) uses mud pit to hold drilling fluids, the other drilling rig uses solids control system to process drilling fluids during whole well drilling. They drill the same depth and other conditions are the same.

The result is: 2 well consumes 9 drilling bits, while 6 costs 6 bits. Straining beam 20 pcs for 2, 7 pcs for 6, 7 pcs cylinder sleeve for 2 well, and 4 for 6, piston for 2 is 60pcs for 6 is 25pcs, valves for 6 totally 20 sets, 40 sets.

The drilling cost difference between them is about USD20000. If one well solids control performs very well, the drill speed will be much better and the drilling fluids cost will be much lower than poor solids control or drilling fluids process system.

Well Drilling Solids Control Effects

The solids control will separate unuseful drilling cuttings and other solid among drilling fluids. It will correct drilling mud property and keep the drilling fluids performance well.

Solids control will affect well drilling by keeping the gravity, density, weight, etc. proper.

Good solids control in well drilling will produce good quality drilling fluids during whole well drilling. The good drilling fluids will affect well drilling much. Use good drilling fluids, the well drilling will be fast and efficient, the drilling cost will be less than those bad solids control well drilling.

In the whole drilling fluids system, we’ll get good and safe drilling condition and even prevent the hazard of blowout. So nowadays we take solids control as rather essential part for oil and gas well drilling, geothermal well drilling, CSM exploration, etc.


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