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Solutions For Difficult Ejection


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Solutions For Difficult Ejection

According to the above articles reason analysis, mainly we have following solutions for Difficult Ejection:

1)Shooting technique solutions

* Avoid excessive melt injection.

*Reduce injection pressure and dwell pressure, shorten dwell time.

*Reduce injection rate and barrel temperature,optimize dimension of nozzle, runner and gate, avoid overhigh shearing heating during the flow and filling of melt so that melt temperature can be properly reduced.

* Adjust molds temperature properly, since under overhigh temperature the plastic parts will easily stick to the molds, while overlow temperature shall result in large molding shrinkage and high ejection resistance during ejection.

2)Molds Design & Mold Processing Solutions

* Increase demolding  draft, but ensuring proper retaining molde of plastic parts in the  molds.

* Choose appropriate ejection way and ejection parts according to the plastic parts structural features;carefully analyze the ejection resistance and its distribution,and then design properly ejection units position ,ejection units number, properly select section dimension of ejector pins,increase ejection force.For some thin wall containers with deep cavity, you should design an air intake unit applied to the mold core to avoid vacuum during ejction.

* Reduce roughness of the cavity surface, and at the final stage of polishing for molding parts, the polishing should be done alsong the ejction direction of plastic parts.

 So when you try to choosing a good moulds maker and plastic molding machine  supplier, do consider if they can only offer you a separate molds or a separate machines; or they can offer you the whole solution, the solution to offer you high quality & efficiency molds and molding machines and at the same time  offer you best plastic injection molding processing solution to help you save production time investment and gain profits from market shortly. I believe nowadays there are many good mould maker and molding machine manufacturer in China for you choose, but we are always target to offer our customer with high quality molds and molding machine solution, not a separate molds or machine. In this case, our customers can easily save production time and gain more profits from the market.

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