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Some aesthetic considerations for over the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products

The research paper studies the consumer's perception for product colour, shape and taste while buying an over the counter (OTC) product. This study also examines the impact of product colour on consumer's expectancies towards the drug. Data collection method was direct questionnaire to consumers. This was done in two phases wherein respondents were exposed to face to face interview. The study shows that there is an influence of products aesthetic attributes of pharmaceutical OTC products on consumption which can translate to brand loyalty and to sales. Red and pink emerged as most preferred colour. Blue and white are other two preferred colours. For 75% of consumers colour is a memory tag for compliance. There is a positive association of colour and shape with compliance. Pink colour is considered to be sweeter compared to red. Yellow is considered to be salty as per this study.

Keywords: product colour, packaging, direct to consumer, DTC, drugs, aesthetics, over-the-counter products, OTC products, pharmaceutical products, aesthetic considerations, product shape, product taste, colour preferences

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