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Some Useful solutions for keeping your toilet clean


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The toilet is like the bathroom. It is a moist area of the home or offices due to the volume of water in the cistern, and as we know - microorganisms or germs love a humid prone area to breed in. Bacteria in the toilet absorb organic waste and release gases with bad smell. Bacteria can generally be found in the toilet bowl area but they are also hidden on the seat, the flush, the floor, and the door handle. Bacteria can also be found in lime scale deposits. If your toilet is situated in the bathroom, bacteria present on one’s toothbrush too.

Essentially of cleaning up of toilet area is must, though it may not be liked by everyone to clean toilet areas with their own hand. But it is an important not only to avoid clogging or choking up of drain pipes of septic tank but also for the good health of a people living in a house. An unclean toilet will not look good, bad smell problem, and be a breeding ground for very harmful germs.

Here are so many solutions for keeping your toilet shining.

  1. It is very useful and important things to remember to clean the toilet to always flush the bathroom toilet with the toilet lid down in order to reduce the spread of bacteria in the room. And also close the toilet seat cover when you flush the bathroom toilet.
  2. It is also advisable to keep away other household matters to keep away from the toilet area to reduce the pathogen contamination and spreading of disease.
  3. To reduce the growth of harmful bacteria one need to clean and cleanse their toiler area on daily basis with the commercially available reagents or bathroom cleaners which are purposely designed in.
  4. One needs to flush and use taps regularly to get rid from harmful bacteria to stick on to corner sides of the toilet but simultaneously need to check the tight fitting of taps and flush so no extra water leaks into the drain pipe and further clogging up of toilet pipes and ultimately growth of harmful microbes.
  5. It is always advisable to wash hands for all the time thoroughly and systematically after one use the toilet and also clean the toilet area if possible by use of nozzle or narrow pipes by using liquid or powder soap dispenser which will help to kill or remove bacteria to get collect.

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