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Sonic Boom

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As Sonic Environmental revs up its newest sonic generator, the end to PCB contamination may now be in sight.

It’s March 10, 2005 and Wes Young is grinning from ear to ear, barely able to contain his excitement. It’s not too often this engineer displays the emotions of a kid in candy store, but just that morning Mr. Young and a couple of his co-workers fired up his company’s newest sonic generator. “You should have seen it,” he tells Adam Sumel, president and CEO of Sonic Environmental Solutions Inc. in Vancouver. “It was just humming.”

The generator is Sonic’s patented platform technology that the company says is destined to transform PCB cleanup around the world. And “humming” is a bit of an understatement — it’s the kind of hum that would shake you silly if you were to place your hand on the generator’s 2.8 ton solid steel bar while it vibrated at its natural resonance frequency. From a distance, however, Mr. Sumel notes you can barely see that the bar is moving.

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