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Sonochemical degradation of Congo Red

Ultrasound irradiation was found to be effective in treatment of refractory pollutants. The present communication reports ultrasound treatment of Congo Red (CR). The CR degradation by ultrasonic waves (50 kHz) was investigated at 25?C. After sonication for 60 min, the CR concentration gradually decreased from 100 mg/L to 27.7 mg/L. pH of the sonicated CR solution decreased from 6.8 to 4.2. Oxygen uptake rate demonstrated higher uptake of oxygen by microbia in the case of the sonicated sample. There is 68% chemical oxygen demand removal efficiency after ultrasound treatment. The combination of ultrasound and biodegradation in treatment of CR is studied here.

Keywords: aerial oxidation, biodegradation, Congo Red, oxygen uptake, ultrasound irradiation, sonochemical degradation, refractory pollutants, environmental pollution, advanced oxidation processes

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