Sophisticated control system - effective ozone generator


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At the Freshwater Institute in Shepherdstown, West Virginia (USA) they are convinced that ozone water treatment is essential to optimize production in water recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Scientists at the Freshwater Institute have been studying ozonation for years but have never before used such a sophisticated ozone generator as the Primozone® Ozone Generator. The Freshwater Institute works to develop and validate solutions for the sustainable use of water resources.

Recirculating aquaculture systems
As a part of the Freshwater Institute’s work to find sustainable solutions for fish farming, they have their own water recirculating aquaculture facility and do primarily research on the production of fish as a food source. They focus on growing Atlantic salmon, Arctic char and Rainbow trout. The Freshwater Institute is one of the worlds leading research institutes for RAS.

Control of ozone dosage
The Primozone Ozone Generator and the Primozone System Controller has unique features that make it possible to control the exact ozone levels produced at any given time. The oxygen levels and the effect used will vary accordingly, thus saving energy. The System Controller allows for monitoring of ozone levels, oxygen flow and power concentration.

It's working fantastic!
Dr. Steven Summerfelt at the Freshwater Institute is very happy with how the Primozone Ozone Generator works.
“Our new Primozone ozone generator is working fantastic! We love being able to program in the ozone dose in g/hr and still minimize the oxygen flow required for ozone production. Being able to directly read the oxygen flow rate in L/min is also of great value to us!”
“The Primozone Ozone generator has spoiled us and we don’t want to ever use anything less sophisticated,” says Dr. Steven Summerfelt, Director of Aquaculture Systems Research at the Fresh-water Institute.

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