Sorting plant for domestic waste and light packagings, location: Spain


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Automation of the excisting sorting line for light packagings and optimisation of the processing  line for domestic waste (organic part).  The throughput rates of both lines shall be  considerably increased upgrading the quality  of the compost and recovering a higher proportion of light packagings at the same  time.

Automation of the existing sorting plant by integrating STADLER ballistic separators and  near-infrared sensors. The new technology enables the selection of the light packaging materials in different synthetics (PET, PE,PP,  PVC, PS and others), bricks, tins of plate and aluminium.

In the domestic waste line the organic part is separated from the material stream through screening drums. The remaining recyclables are also fractionated by the near-infrared sensors. The customer has an effective exploitation of marketable recyclables of both, the separated collection and the residues. Consequently there is an optimal capacity utilisation of the plant technology also in this case.

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