Sorting plant for paper


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New conception of a complete sorting plant for used paper from a collection with an averaged proportion of cardboard about 35 % to max.  45 %. Separation of the paper-cardboard mix  into the fractions paperboard, deinking and  mixed paper for the further recycling

The material input is divided on two lines by  a feeding conveyor due to the quantity.  Furthermore the Stadler ballistic separators classify the material into a large-suface  cardboard fraction, a deinking fraction and a screened fines fraction.

The cardboard is collected in a bunker.

The deinking material is cleansed of remaining cardboard by optical sensors and a final quality check and thus preparated for a further recycling in a next-door paper mill.  The fines are re-screened on the ballistic separators and all remaining deinking is obtained by optical sensors. The residual screened fraction is passed on to the mixed paper. Remaining residues, like for example film, are manually separated into a futher bunker.

The several fractions can be pressed on the press line.

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