Sorting plants for industrial waste, location: south of Germany


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Separation and sorting of industrial and building site waste as well as bulky refuses. Potential recyclables such as wood, paper, plastics, metals and aluminium shall no longer be sent to garbage incineration, but can be recycled after the sorting into different material fractions.

Conception and realisation of a complete  industrial waste sorting plant equipped with high separating and sorting technology. After pre-shredding the materials are sorted into different grain sizes by screening drums, and later on re-sorted according to their forms on the Ballistic-Separator.

Ferrous and non-ferrous parts are removed. Light packagings are extracted by air separators. Optical identification systems fractionate plastics into PE, PP, PET as well as paper, cardboard and wood. The different potential recyclables are sold to the industry

Raw materials are very valuable and the oil price will continue increasing. An effective processing  of our waste, which afterwards can be used as secondary recources is a lucrative investment for  the future.

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