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Sound level meters from PCE Instruments for any application

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PCE Instruments manufacture and sell high-quality sound level meters for any application: from small hand-helds for home use to portable sound level cameras for localisation of a source of noise in large buildings.
A high number of people has to deal with inacceptable noise levels in private and/or work environments. Noise is a very individual parameter and is not clearly definable. It is commonly referred to as dangerous or molesting sound. As noise is perceived quite subjectively, a noise level meter is required to show the measured sound pressure in decibels. A noise value in decibels helps evaluating aircraft noise, machine noise, environmental noise and noise at the workplace and serves as a basis for various regulations. At the workplace, for example, sound levels must not exceed 40 dB. When such thresholds are exceeded, it is time to act to protect workers‘ health.

For educational and private use, simple noise meters without a Min/Max function will be sufficient. For long-term measurements, for instance when measuring traffic or neighbourhood noise, a sound level meter with a datalogger function can turn out very helpful. These data loggers save the acquired data for later evaluation.
The ability of a noise level meter to save raw data measured during a certain period of time is particularly important in occupational health and safety where it is essential to view the saved measurements with various filters applied. An example of a noise meter application in occupational safety is the calculation of a time-weighted mean value of the measured sound pressure, taking some special logarithms into account. This value is called the LEQ (equivalent continuous sound level) and is used as a reference value in workers’ noise protection throughout Europe.

When it comes to identifying noises, PCE Instruments will have the right sound level meter for you. Some models fulfil all the requirements for sound level measurements in line with IEC 61672-1 standards but there are also quite a few basic noise meters for home use.

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