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Sources of particulate matter: emission profile of biomass burning

Biomass burning is an important source of atmospheric Particulate Matter (PM) in Brazil: the burning of forests in the northwest and of sugar cane plantations in the southeast are important examples. The objective of this work is the measurement of the PM emission profile of burning of sugar cane and other characteristic vegetative burning in the region of Sao Carlos-SP/Brazil. Samples of PM10 and PM2.5 were collected in different conditions, including small laboratory controlled burnings and real ones. The samples were analysed by X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and 14 chemical elements quantified. t-Student tests were performed to compare the obtained profiles, using as a reference a vegetative burn profile taken from the USEPA data bank SPECIATE. All measured profiles presented significant amounts of Cl and K, which are confirmed as tracers of sugar cane foliage burning.

Keywords: emission profiles, aerosols, biomass burning, air pollution, air quality, particulate matter, Brazil, forest burning, sugar cane burning

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