South Africa on the upswing


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     HOFGAS® - Smarty 300 
Commissioning     2004
Site     South Africa (ZA)

In South Africa gold has been mined intensively for approx. 120 years. The resultant pits are used by the local people for waste dumping. In the course of time large landfills have emerged. The Government has recognised the existing energy potential of this waste landfill and is preparing for the power generation of landfill gas. By means of trial degasification this energy potential shall be elicited, so that the planned generation plants can be designed properly. 

Technical Requirements

  • For 4 landfills 1 mobile degassing equipment with 300 Nm3/h output
  • Adjustment range of 1:5
  • Mobile degassing system
  • Half-open combustion >850°C
  • Training of persons in charge

Use of the mobile degassing equipment HOFGAS® - Smarty with half-open combustion. Optimal combustion can be adapted to the operating conditions by means of simple manual setting of the burner.

Client’s Benefits

  • Gas potential determination to the correct dimensioning of the planned recycling plants
  • Odour reduction by effective degassing
  • Mobile thanks to compact build design
  • Short delivery time
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Practical training directly on site

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