South Australia - Great Leap Forward in Water Treatment

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Courtesy of IXOM Watercare

Residents in the Adelaide Hills are receiving clean and filtered water from a $7.5 million water treatment plant using worldfirst technology and reducing the need for chlorine disinfection. The plant at Mt Pleasant has seen SA Water roll out its MIEX (magnetic ion exchange) resin technology, which reduces the level of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in drinking water, the main cause of colour, taste and odour.

Cost effective management of DOC is one of the key challenges facing today‚Äôs water treatment industry. Traditional solutions involve the application of complex water treatment processes with large operating costs. Generally only half the organic matter is removed, which can leave the remainder to react with disinfectants used in water treatment, producing undesirable tastes and odours.  MIEX is different. Simple and cost effective, the water authority says trials have removed up to 80 per cent of colour and, by adding a small amount of alum in the treatment process, 70-80 per cent of DOC.

The resin is in the form of tiny acrylic beads which have a positive charge and negative chloride ions bound onto them.  When mixed with water, the DOC ions, which are negative, displace the chloride ions on the resin, which then rapidly settles out of the water. Minute quantities of chloride ions are released into the water, but insufficient to alter its conductivity.

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