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South Carolina - truck stop case study


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The Kangaroo/Pantry truck stop is located at a busy intersection in Round 0. South Carolina where three state roads meet. Because of it's rural setting, it is a great place for truck drivers to fuel up their trucks and themselves anytime around the clock. The fried chicken cooked here is well known for miles around. So when the wastewater system failed and threatened to shut down this rural oasis something had to be corrected.

Insteps, Steve Todd of Kris Mechanical and Buddy Cox of John S. Cox & Associates with a solution. These two men developed a plan of attack that not only offered a resolution to the existing problem but also a long term remedy to perhaps many other The Kangaroo/Pantry truck stops. The solution - Quanics Advanced Treatment System with drip field irrigation discharge.

On a daily basis 4100 gallons of kitchen and bathroom waste go through a 1500 gallon grease trap and tv/o 5000 gallon septic/settling tanks respectively on it's way to a 5000 gallon ATS dosing tank located a short distance across the highway at the treatment and discharge site. This waste then gets time dosed to 2- Quanics ATS-16 units. This higher dosing allows for tower loading rates and more advanced treatment of daily influent The treated effluent will then split via a Quanics pressure recirculation device. 80% of the daily flow will repeat the treatment process while 20% of the total effluent will proceeds to a 5000 gallon dosing tank. Inside this dosing tank a Quanics STEP package then moves the effluent to a Quanics two zone drip irrigation dispersal field. Each zone will get an alternating dose of effluent via a distribution valve then on to the 3100 lineal feet of drip tubing in each zone.

A unique challenge for a properly operating treatment system for this site was it was located on a very high water table. Therefore advanced treatment and pressure splitting of the flows were a must. The Quanics ATS-16 and the sewage/ dosing tanks all set about 18 inches above ground level and where then mounded to cover. Upon a mid February 'ok' from the South Carolina Dept. of Health, the system was activated.

Thanks to Steve, Buddy, and Quanics Treatment Units, the many truck drivers that use this rural oasis can now do so without any worries. And yes they can still get the fried chicken to go.

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