Space saving, streamlining and efficiency - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

The Eiffel Tower is unusual because it is immense but vertical. The horizontal space is very limited. Visitors are the justification for its existence, and storage is incompatible with its almost lace-like structure. More than 6.5 million people visit it and its restaurants and shops each year. The Tower boasts cuisine and all kinds of souvenirs.

Waste collections every day
Until late 2009 waste disposal involved sorting waste and shredding paper, cardboard and plastic, which were then stored in 660-litre containers. This required major storage capacity and gradually became unmanageable, even with waste collections every morning. Problems included overflow, lack of space (no more containers could be added), a slow, inefficient, often overloaded process and complaints from occupants.

SETE expanded the waste collection area at the foot of the Tower, but there was an insurmountable obstacle: the 2.10 m ceiling. Only Bramidan was able to offer efficient, easy-to-use machines that could be installed here. Thanks to the trust developed over ten years of relations with the Bramidan distributor Axiome, two X25 balers were selected. They were perfect for the job.

One bale replaces 10 containers
Two X25 balers now compact a tonne of cardboard and 400 kg of plastic every week. This saves space: one 300 kg bale replaces ten containers. They have just one control button and are extremely easy to use. Everyone is happy with this no-storage solution. Waste is collected on demand - two bales at a time - instead of daily collections. The balers not only solve all the problems but also provide efficient waste management. Each tonne compacted cardboard is sold for 30 euros, and SETE saves the 130 euros it used to pay daily for container collection.

To conclude:
SETE’s waste management solution from Bramidan meets all its expectations, especially its number one need: saving space. The Tower’s occupants are very happy with SETE’s solution.

About SETE
The Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel is a mixed ownership company. 60% of it is owned by Paris City Council.

Since 2005 it has maintained the Eiffel Tower, provided quality service and visitor safety, continually improved visitor care, appraised and carried out renovations, modernized public areas and added to the Tower’s prestige and Paris’s reputation as a capital of tourism and culture. Its turnover is 59.5 million euros, and its annual operating result 1.5 million euros.

More than 500 people work at the Tower, almost half employed by SETE. The other half work for franchise holders and public services.

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